About Us

In today’s society, we are all in a race to achieve the best, but a small section of it wins the race, while a large section struggles for the minimum. A nation moves forward when the larger part of it improves, which again begins with improved education system. That is why education is considered as the basic tool for improvement of a society. In a country like India, the bigger part of its population cannot provide good education or better coaching to their children, which keep them in the last row of the society.

Today’s concern is to provide opportunities for quality education to students at affordable price to enable the unprivileged and underprivileged student community to enjoy a better future. We on behalf of TodayClass urge teachers to teach the unreachable students not for Free but for Less. We would like to encourage the unexplored educated mass to join us to serve a certain section of students for a bit less, so that, we can help them for the betterment of their future and the nation as well. In our count, we consider them as unexplored educated mass – brilliant students, who hesitate to adapt teaching as a profession; females with bright academic careers prefer to settle them as housewives; talents with success in various competitive examinations; brilliant students who do not even prefer to own tuition as a profession; and retired teachers/professionals who can serve the society. Our aim is to provide better online educational training to students. Experienced teachers, professionals and Ph.D. scholars can join our initiative. Here teaching is specialisation oriented. One can teach a particular subject or part of subject with depth knowledge.

TodayClass welcomes students to book instant classes for one-on-one or group classes without any monthly obligation or any kind of entry fee. And it will be their choice to set the number of students for their group classes.  Where teachers have the liberty to set their base prices for one-on-one live classes. Teachers can coordinate with other related teachers to conduct Crash Courses using our platform.

Let’s make our society a better place to live in.

Why TodayClass?

Request for any class

Here at TodayClass, a student has the opportunity of getting free registration and designing his/her own profile. A registered student can make live class request for him/her or for any group of students, specifying class details i.e. subject/topic, important questions or points on the topic to be discussed; or can upload the section of the topic to be discussed in the class.

Class offers from teachers

Besides setting their own price for the class, registered teachers can post classes they want to offer using our platform. TodayClass will promote their classes without any charge.

Both Teachers and Students can sell study materials

Students can also upload their articles, notes, old question papers or solved papers from his/her account for sale or free and has the liberty to set his/her price for the paper.

Low Cost and affordable training

The idea behind it is somehow different. If a student takes private tuition, the teacher who teaches cannot be an expert of all subjects hence he/she has to opt for multiple subject teachers with monthly assignments. It is not possible for most of the students to afford such a huge monthly amount for proper training. On the other hand, if he/she chooses any coaching centre, they also charge a huge amount on admission and then monthly tuition fees. After all, it is also difficult to find suitable coaching centres in small cities or villages in our country. But in TodayClass, class price is pre-fixed by teachers and the number of students in the class is not controlled by teacher but by students (maximum number of students is 10 for a normal class). Teacher’s fee is divided by the number of students. The cost of a class can come down as low as Rs. 10/-, where a student has the option to choose teacher according to his/her need. In addition to this, TodayClass organizes free live classes (online) by senior teachers.

Learn from Subject Experts

TodayClass allows teachers to teach only one subject, in which he/she has the highest academic achievement or expertise. That is why from High School level to above you will find teachers who only teach on one subject or a specific part of a subject according to his/her specialisation. The main idea behind it is that a student should learn from a teacher who has depth knowledge on the subject/topic. Benefit of students is our main priority. Students post their doubts or questions they want to be discussed in the class that is why at the end of the class we seek rating and review of the class from students, before we transfer the teacher’s fee. A teacher can choose any mode of teaching i.e. online (presently on online mode only) or contact class. Teachers are most prestigious for us therefore we do not prefer the home tuition idea. A teacher is not confined to teaching only on our site. He/she can sell his/her publications, notes, solutions, worksheets on our site with a completely transparent process. If any teacher/professional trainer wants to take classes on any professional training class, or sports, yoga, music, dance, or any other skill can take classes using our platform.

Instant Payments

After completion of an assigned class of a teacher and upon receipt of a confirmation message from the concerned students, TodayClass transfers the teacher’s fee instantly or within 24 hours, as per agreed terms and conditions. No hidden game or hidden pressure. 

Top Up Class Plan

It is a smart way to take advice from subject experts on certain topics by paying for the class only instead of assigning to a monthly contract. Pay for that you need the most. On the other hand, a teacher can request for a class or a series of classes either individually or in a group of teachers on online mode, which will be displayed in proper section of the site, to enrich student traffic for the class.

Free Seminars/Workshops

TodayClass organizes free seminars/workshops basically on certain relevant topics for the students or career counselling from time to time in the form of events or at any convenient location. Senior academicians are being requested to advise the students in this programme.