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The Talkative Barber

Today Class December 21, 2022

A barber lived in the city of Cashgar. He was a great talker. Once the Sultan called him to shave his head. The barber started talking instead of shaving his head. The Sultan told him many times not to talk but to do his job. The barber did not pay any attention. He remained busy in talk. Now the Sultan got very angry. Seeing his anger the barber washed the Sultan’s head and began to shave. But soon he stopped shaving and went out to see what time it was leaving Sultan’s head half-shaved. The barber came back and resumed his work. But he wanted to know why the Sultan was in so hurry, He requested the Sultan again and again to tell him what important work he had in hand. The Sultan got fed up and told the barber that he had invited some friends to lunch. At this the barber said that he too had invited four or five friends to come to his house that day. But he forgot it and had not made any preparations for them. The Sultan wanted to get rid of the barber. He told him to finish his work without any delay. He also offered him all the food that had been prepared for him that day. The barber started shaving his head again. But he stopped again and said that he never knew that the Sultan was so generous.