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Across The Wall

Today Class December 16, 2022

This is a story-based reality of the world where thousands of belief systems differentiate the girls from the boys. It includes that they do, where they go, even what they play. In this story we can know how a girl named Afsana and her basketball team named Nagapada basketball team, struggles to achieve success. There are four girls named Afsana, Khushnoor, Zarin, and Afreen of Nagapada basketball team, who are from rural areas and low-income families, after a lots of hindrances continue their playing. Their coach Noor Khan had also played a great role in success of these girls.

Points to be remembered

  1. We see people play different kinds of games in parks close to our places, like cricket, badminton, football, kabaddi, kho-kho, volleyball, basket ball, etc.
  2. We can see people come to parks for jogging, doing yoga, gossiping and most of them bring their children to park either for playing or enjoying the games played.
  3. Games like cricket, hockey, tennis, football, badminton, basketball and table tennis are played both by boys and girls.
  4. But, we generally see, there are some differences between the games played by boys and girls. Boys prefer to play the games which require more physical activity and are tougher. On the other hand, girls play those games which need less physical activity.