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Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Today Class December 15, 2022

Points to be remembered

  1. We can warm our hands in winter by blowing on them when they are cold and it is quite comfortable.
  2. When we blow hard from our mouths onto our hands, the air from our mouths feels hotter as compared to the air around.
  3. If we blow onto our hands when our hands are at a distance from our mouth, it feels cool. Because before hitting our hands the air from our mouth mixes with the air around us.
  4. We blow over the hot foods like hot tea, hot chapatis, dal, rice, etc. to cool them. Or we can use fan to cool the foods.
  5. The other activities which can be done by blowing air from mouth are: whistling, playing with a firkin, for removing dust from something or for cleaning the spectacles.
  6. We can play different musical instruments by blowing into them, which are known as wind instruments like, flute, shehnai, mouth organ, saxophone, etc.
  7. If we blow hard on to a glass or mirror, it becomes hazy. Because when we blow from our mouth, which is wet itself, touches the glass or mirror and sticks on it for some time.
  8. We breathe in through our nose or mouth, is called inhale. The gas we absorb from the air of our surrounding is oxygen.
  9. The oxygen we take into our body get stored in our lungs for a short period of time.
  10. The air that comes out of our body through our nose is called carbon dioxide. The process is called exhale.