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Who Will Do This Work?

Today Class December 16, 2022

We can see a lot of activities in the drawing, a few among them are:

  1. Milking cow
  2. Working in garden
  3. Sweeping the road
  4. Carrying garbage
  5. Rag picking
  6. Teacher teaching in the school
  7. Shopkeepers selling goods
  8. Traffic police controlling traffic
  9. Drivers driving vehicles

A few menial jobs like cleaning roads, carrying garbage, sweeping roads, clearing drainage system, cleaning toilets, that most of people do not prefer to do. If these works will not be done properly, we will face a lot of problems in our daily life. Like garbage will be stored around our living places, which will produce bad smell and will look ugly. If it continues for many days it can create epidemics also.

Then who will do this kind of work?

Poor and uneducated people do this kind of work. The poverty does not allow them to study beyond certain grades. Lack of education makes them unfit for doing most of the jobs.