Most frequent questions and answers

Registration is essential for students, primarily for communication. Secondarily, students will be able to book classes and get access to video links of their attended classes. They will be able to upload their salable documents, if any and also senior students can take classes, which will be source of income for them.

To request a class, a student has to get registered with TodayClass. He/She has to fill up the relevant fields of his/her Profile. TodayClass provides an opportunity for the students to choose a specialized teacher from our directory either for himself/herself or for his/her group. Go to Book a Slot page and fill up fields as per requirement and submit.

Yes, a teacher can book classes for other students.

Teacher has the liberty to set his/her price for a class. If any teacher wants to provide free education/training for students, TodayClass welcomes such teachers to do so and does not charge any fee on students.

A ‘Class’ means a lecture session that lasts for 1 (one) hour [50 minutes (Lecture) + 10 minutes (Discussion)]. The number of students to be in a booked Class basically depends upon the students.

If any student opts for online class, he/she has to pay only teacher’s fee as pre-fixed by the concerned teacher. Teacher’s fee will be added by 10% of the base price for each additional student, when more than one student will be the class. If a student attends a free class where Teacher’s fee is free, the concerned student has to pay nothing.

After getting confirmation from teacher, which will be directly communicated to the concerned student, is requested to make payment online. After receipt of payment, the student and teacher will be provided with the class link as per class schedule.

It is our new initiative to address specified issues of any student it may be in academic or non-academic fields. There is no monthly or yearly binding on any student i.e. no entry or exist barriers. Pay or avail free for a class you need only.