Pricing Policy

  1. TodayClass does not set any kind of price for any class or course offered by any teacher. A teacher is responsible for his/her price he/she charges on students for his/her classes.
  • As agreed by the Terms & Conditions of TodayClass, a student has to pay teacher’s fee for a class upon receipt of confirmation from the teacher. Whereas, a student can pay fees for a Course of a teacher either once or in instalments as per conditions of accessibility to it.
  • If any teacher/expert offers free class/consultation, TodayClass does not take any ccharge from the students/clients.
  • Price of study materials published by teachers is their own responsibility. TodayClass has no role in the matter.
  • Teachers should set their fees considering the market demand on certain criteria like educational qualification, experience in the field, teaching performance and ratings, so that they can get more classes. TodayClass always inspires teachers to offer better teaching experience to students for a bit less price so that students can get better training and benefits as well.

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