TodayClass simply helps you to find out teachers/professionals specifically subject experts for your specific educational/professional needs. When you face some sort of problems while preparing your study, you can book a slot for live educational/professional consultation.

It organises classes/seminars/lectures for students on request. It also helps them, who are searching for solutions to specific problems like missed classes, repeat classes, doubt clear classes, crash courses and short-term professional training like sports, yoga, music, agricultural tricks, drawings, sketch, cooking, grooming etc. Students are independent to book any class according to their needs. TodayClass does not take any charge for arranging classes.

A Few Points

  • TodayClass organises free/paid online classes/seminars/practical classes/workshops in the form of events regularly.
  • TodayClass is the reference point for online classes whose purpose is to connect teachers, and professionals with students. TodayClass facilitates learning, knowledge sharing and human connections.
  • TodayClass users must create a profile, which is totally free, to use and contact other members of the community. Students/Teachers commit to create only one profile on the site. This profile can be modified, administered and deleted from the dashboard made available to Students/Teachers.
  • A ‘Class’ means a lecture session that lasts for 1 (one) hour [50 minutes (Lecture) + 10 minutes (Discussion)].
  • Classes are fully subject/topic specific and teachers are only allowed to teach on the basis of their highest qualification/specialisation. The main advantage of joining TodayClass is that they will be taught/trained by specialists in the concerned subject/topic.
  • Students can request our enlisted teachers to take online live classes, for which they have to pay the teacher’s fee only (if the concerned teacher charges any fee for the class unless it will be free).
  • TodayClass makes every effort to control the quality, the accuracy of information contained in advertisements and in repositories, the veracity of teacher’s qualifications, contact information and availability.
  • Students’ interest is our basic priority. One can invite his friends to join his/her for group classes, internal conversation and note exchange.
  • Students can book their teachers convenient for them. A student can book a Class either individually or in the form a group.
  • Can post their problems on our Forum for help from their fellow friends or teachers.
  • Teacher’s fee is fixed by the teacher himself/herself. TodayClass has no role in settlement of teacher’s fee.
  • Student has to pay teacher’s fee [base price] for One-on-One classes. But for a Group Class, teacher’s fee will be added 10% of the Base Price for each additional student. [Example: Teacher’s Base Price is Rs. 100/- for a One-on-One class. But it will be Rs. 100/- + 1×10% of 100 = Rs. 110/- for (1+1) two students].
  • Once we get confirmation/ratings from the concerned students, we release payments for the teacher, may be just after the Class or within 24 hours.


  • No registration charge from any members
  • Pay for the class only (if teacher charges)
  • Option for money back on dissatisfaction with class
  • Option to sell notes, solutions, worksheet and old books
  • No admission charge to any course or class
  • Students and Teachers can propose to organize any seminars
  • It is student, who can decide how many students will be in his/her class