TodayClass simply helps you to connect with students or persons who need your expertise. You are your own boss to set your consultation fees and time of appointment. You will have direct requests in your profile account, once you get registered with us.

A Few Points

  • TodayClass organises free/paid classes/seminars/practical classes/workshops in the form of events regularly.
  • TodayClass is the reference point for online classes whose purpose is to connect teachers, and professionals with students. TodayClass facilitates learning, knowledge sharing and human connections.
  • TodayClass users must create a profile, which is free, to use and contact other members of the community. Students/Teachers commit to create only one profile on the site. This profile can be modified, administered and deleted from the dashboard made available to Students/Teachers.
  • A ‘Class’ means a lecture session that lasts for 1 (one) hour [50 minutes (Lecture) + 10 minutes (Discussion)].
  • Classes are fully subject/topic specific and teachers will be allowed only to teach on the basis of their highest qualification/specialisation. The main aim of TodayClass is to concentrate on specialized training.
  • TodayClass makes every effort to control the quality, the accuracy of information contained in advertisements and in repositories, the veracity of teacher’s qualifications, contact information and availability.
  • TodayClass has no intervention in teacher’s fee setting.
  • Student has to pay teacher’s fee [base price] for One-on-One classes. But for a Group Class, teacher’s fee will be added 10% of the Base Price for each additional student. [Example: Teacher’s Base Price is Rs. 100/- for a One-on-One class. But it will be Rs. 100/- + 1×10% of 100 = Rs. 110/- for (1+1) two students].
  • Once we get confirmation/ratings from the concerned students, we release payments for the teacher, may be just after the Class or within 24 hours.


  • No registration charge from any members
  • Design your own course
  • Set your own price
  • Sell notes, solutions, worksheets and books/e-books
  • Can propose to organize any specific class/seminar/lecture


  • Teachers can take as many classes as they want. They are free to set their own price for their classes.
  • Teachers, those who are engaged in teaching up to Class VIII, they can take any class of any subject. But for them, who are teaching above the level of Class VIII, are restricted to teach only one subject.
  • TodayClass transfers the teacher’s fee once a teacher completes his/her class, subject to the receipt of confirmation from the students.
  • Teachers can also offer free or paid classes/crash courses either individually or in group of registered teachers, according to their scheduled day and time. Their requests will be promoted in the Upcoming Events section without any charge.
  • In mutual coordination fellow teachers can operate online schools/coaching using our platform.
  • Teachers can upload their study materials/worksheets/e-books from their respective accounts and can sell them. TodayClass does not charge any amount for listing. For more, see our Terms and Conditions.